About EFG Software

EFG Software has developed a number of programs that incorporate scientific principles in poultry and pig nutrition into a form useable in the workplace. These programs have been developed to assist nutritionists in the feed industry to make decisions based on the effects of genotypes, feeds, feeding schedules and the environment on the simulated performance of growing broilers and pigs.

The software that we have developed includes a feed formulation program, simulation models that predict the food intake, growth, and carcass composition of broilers, turkeys, and pigs, and optimisation routines that, by integrating these programs, provide users with a facility to develop feeding programs that will, for example, maximise margin over feed cost for different strains of broilers or pigs. There is also some software that we make available free of charge.

Because these programs are best seen as scientific tools, the policy of EFG Software is to share with the users, mostly professional scientists, the theory and ideas on which the programs are based, and to discuss openly the basis and importance of the numbers used for many parameters. We see no value in a model that is simply a ‘black box’. Such is not a scientific tool. This policy of openness also facilitates modification and development of the model to suit the specific needs of our customers. As our programs are based on an open theory, users of our software will gain not only useful information about nutrition but also many valuable insights into pig and poultry science and experimentation.