Commercial Policy

  1. Licences to use the programs produced by EFG Software are sold, in the case of the WinFeed feed formulation program, and leased in all other cases.
  2. For Price Lists (US$, £ Sterling and €) and Lease Arrangements contact our agents. For full use of the programs a Sale or Lease Licence must be purchased. A code to program the dongle, available from our Agents on receipt of the sale price of each program, must be entered, using the program supplied by EFG Software.
  3. EFG Software accepts responsibility only for the correct functioning of the programs as supplied. No liability is accepted for actions taken as a result of using the programs. Liability is with EFG Software in South Africa or, if sales are through the UK office, with Dr C Fisher.
  4. EFG Software is prepared to discuss modification and customisation of the programs to meet the requirements of individual companies.
  5. It is the policy of EFG Software to make the contents of the programs (theory, assumptions, parameter values) open to customers for discussion and, potentially, modification.

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