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Created on 21 June 2012. Posted in WinFeed

WinFeed is a Windows-based feed formulation program developed by EFG Software that has been used by nutritionists and students of nutrition since the early 1990’s. The current version, Winfeed 3.0, is ...

About EFG Software

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in General Content

... in the feed industry to make decisions based on the effects of genotypes, feeds, feeding schedules and the environment on the simulated performance of growing broilers and pigs. The software that we have ...

Broiler Nutrition Optimiser

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in Poultry

... An almost infinite variety of options is open to such producers in designing their feeding schedule, which can be based on amounts fed in each period or on fixed feeding periods for each feed.  The ...

Pig Growth Model

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in Pigs

The EFG Pig Growth Model version 5.1 is a unique scientific and management tool for pig nutritionists, geneticists and managers, and is based on the same biological theories as those incorporated into ...

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