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Created on 05 February 2016. Posted in News

... important theory of food intake regulation leading to the prediction of growth in chemical terms. The conversion of this chemical growth into physical body components has always been a challenging area ...


Created on 08 March 2013. Posted in Papers and Articles

... requirements are the highest priority, with potential growth or egg production being reduced in proportion to the constrained intake. Thus, food intake will be governed by the potential performance of ...

EFG Modelling Workshop in Australia

Created on 08 March 2013. Posted in News

... held in Sydney, at which Rob Gous gave an invited presentation on predicting food intake in broilers and laying hens. Twelve participants, mostly Australians, but two of whom were from Japan and one from ...

Optimising the feeding of commercial broilers

Created on 25 June 2012. Posted in Papers and Articles

... the growth and food intake of these birds. Not all broilers are the same, nor are the environments in which they are housed, and the costs of feeding and the revenue derived from the sale of the product ...

About EFG Software

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in General Content

... developed includes a feed formulation program, simulation models that predict the food intake, growth, and carcass composition of broilers, turkeys, and pigs, and optimisation routines that, by integrating ...

Broiler Growth Model

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in Poultry

... affect the outcome of production decisions in practice. Growth, feed intake, body composition and yield, and a variety of production indices are calculated in each simulation. The model also carries out ...

Broiler Nutrition Optimiser

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in Poultry

... terms of feed intake, weight gain and body composition.  The EFG Broiler Growth Model is capable of making these predictions.  The optimum feeds and feeding schedule for each operation will clearly ...

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