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This paper was presented at the Australian Poultry Science Symposium in Sydney, Feb 2013 Summary Birds attempt to consume sufficient of a given food to enable them to meet their nutrient requirements ...

EFG Modelling Workshop in Australia

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A two-day workshop on the use of the EFG Broiler Growth Model and Optimiser was held at the Coorong Wilderness Lodge in South Australia in February 2013. This followed the Australian Poultry Science Symposium ...

About EFG Software

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in General Content

EFG Software has developed a number of programs that incorporate scientific principles in poultry and pig nutrition into a form useable in the workplace. These programs have been developed to assist nutritionists ...

Broiler Growth Model

Created on 14 June 2012. Posted in Poultry

The EFG Broiler Growth Model version 5.1 is a unique scientific and management tool for poultry nutritionists, geneticists and managers - in short, anyone concerned with technical developments in broiler ...

Broiler Nutrition Optimiser

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... The feed supplier can tailor-make a feeding schedule for each client, using the proprietary feeds available, and based on the client’s specific cost structure and marketing and profit objectives. Poultry ...

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