Pig Growth Model

The EFG Pig Growth Model version 5.1 is a unique scientific and management tool for pig nutritionists, geneticists and managers, and is based on the same biological theories as those incorporated into the EFG Broiler Growth Model.

Because pig genotypes vary considerably in mature weight, in the fatness in the gain, and in the rate of maturing, for nutritionists wishing to design optimal feeding programmes for a specific genotype, it would be useful to describe the genotype, design some appropriate feeds, and then determine the effects of different feeding programmes on performance and profitability. The EFG Pig Growth Model is designed to address these issues, making it possible for pig nutritionists and producers to improve the basis of their decision-making.

The model simulates the growth of a single animal taking account of genetic parameters, diet composition and feeding programme, the environment, stocking density and other factors which may affect the outcome of production decisions in practice.

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