WinFeed is a Windows-based feed formulation program developed by EFG Software that has been used by nutritionists and students of nutrition since the early 1990’s.

The current version, Winfeed 3.0, is available in two formats, a single-user standalone version, and a network version which enables several users to work independently, but share the same data.  This version is ideal for use in a university teaching environment for students of nutrition.

Both versions offer the following features:

  • Full 32- and 64-bit Windows environment, for printing, cutting and pasting, etc.
  • Secure data storage using Microsoft SQL Server.
  • No limit to the number of nutrients or ingredients that may be included in the matrix.
  • Ability to define the nutrient contents of each ingredient in terms of other nutrients.
  • Ability to create new nutrients in terms of other nutrients.
  • Ability to formulate using ratios between nutrients.
  • Reports are generated as Microsoft Excel documents, allowing editing, e-mailing, etc.
  • Parametrics on ingredient cost or nutrient bounds.
  • Automatic switching between digestible and total amino acid contents.
  • Digestibilities may be defined for any number of classes of animals.
  • Formulation on an As-Is or Dry Matter basis.

The network version includes these additional features:

  • Multi-mix feature allowing the best use of limited ingredients.
  • Ability to enter matrix values specific to a client without duplicating the ingredient.
  • Ingredient Price lists that can be managed separately and linked to more than one client.

In addition WinFeed 3.0 is an integral part of our Growth Models and Optimisation Routines, as a means of passing the required information regarding dietary nutrient contents from a feed formulation program to these models.

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